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In-Company Courses

In-company courses are designed exactly in according to your needs and requests. Courses are held in your company or place of your choice where our teacher comes. You can also choose the  me of the course to meet your preference. Our teachers are available from 7.30am to 9pm. The size of the group is up to you as well: you can study individually in one to one course or with your colleagues in the group. In any case we highly recommend you not to exceed number of 7 stu- dents in the group. Czech language courses can be taught directly in Czech, En- glish or Russian.

We provide:

  • Courses of general language of all levels for all ages
  • Prepara on for the exam that is required if you ask for per- manent residence in Czech Republic.
  • Highly specialized courses of professional language, for example business, medicine, law...
  • Training for admission exams for Czech universi es
  • Courses for children

Our courses are designed in accordance with Central Euro- pean Frame of Languages. You can obtain the cer  cate as a document of your language level. We use the text book New Czech step by step (Lída Holá) and a lot of other material created by our teachers.

Let's plan your Czech course together!